Your piece of history.
Up to 350 Mustang owners will be listed on the manifest... the first-ever Mustangs & Shelbys show on an aircraft carrier. Guarantee your place in history today.
LODGING DISCOUNTS: Oklahoma City offers a $49.99/night rate at Ramada Airport North (405-681-9000) with our lodging host on Wednesday night... Island Harry Patel. Harry will gladly provide you with an early morning breakfast starting at 5am — hot scrambled eggs and more (complimentary for 2 people per room with Ramada stay on Wednesday night). Call the Ramada at 405-681-9000 to book your $49.99 MustangFest stay.

Currently, SIX preferred lodging facilities are booking rooms for MustangFest. Pre-registrants receive a LODGING VALIDATION CODE within 24 hrs. after PayPal checkout. For those mailing checks, their registration number is assigned the day we receive their check at the post office. In 2009, we had several last-minute cancellations from Oklahoma due to weather, so now ONLY pre-registered participants get the MustangFest DISCOUNT rates on Mustang Island. Each registrant has a one-unit limit at these rates, and the savings are severe. Those who stay at The Dunes in a luxury condo get 10% OFF their already off-peak rates, saving you enough to buy lunch or a pair of tickets to the MustangFest LIVE Dinner Show on Saturday night. Those of you who stay at Plantation Suites in a deluxe Double Queen suite will get up to $40.00 OFF each weekend night, for a savings of up to $80.00 - that's enough to PAY FOR YOUR PRE-REGISTRATION and have money left over! Seasonal rate at Plantation Suites is $129/night (sleeps 4 in two queen beds), but MustangFest registrants get $89/night - that's cheaper per person than many Motel 6® locations! For 2014, we have added additional lodging facilities. Some of our hotel properties FILLED UP to 100% OCCUPANCY! This year, the place to be in early October is MustangFest - get your Flight Deck position NOW. — Not just a show... It's a Destination.TM

VEHICLE SECURITY: We will have police at the USS Lexington during the VIP Reception from 6:00pm to 10pm. Local police officers will be around throughout the day on Saturday & Sunday, as part of their regular duties. Each lodging facility has lighted parking areas and interior security cameras (also exterior cameras at The Dunes on Mustang Island). Night auditors view available security cameras at intervals determined by the property manager. As with all road trips in your Mustang, use the same caution you would in your own hometown. Because of the value of many of the vehicles, we will ask the Corpus Christi Police Department and the Port Aransas Police Department to apply special attention to our lodging facilities on Friday and Saturday night. Those on the Flight Deck of the aircraft carrier will have ultimate security of their vehicle on Saturday night! As always, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for your vehicle - lock all doors, do not leave valuables in sight and arm your car alarm if you have one. Mustang Island has a very low crime rate, as evidenced by the police blotter in the local newspaper - mostly about party people on the beach, etc. - Mustang Island/Corpus Christi is a great place to enjoy MustangFest in October... and a great place to ‘Mustang vacation‘ — year 'round!

CRUISE & EVENT ITINERARY: - Cruise To MustangFest™: Departs Mustang, OK at 8:00a on Thursday October 2nd and arrives San Antonio at 4:58p for an evening of festivities and Mustang display in San Antonio. You may join the cruise at ANY POINT ALONG THE ROUTE — simply turn your HEADLIGHTS ON and engage the cruise from BEHIND. Enjoy FREE lunch in WEST, TEXAS - at SYKORA FAMILY FORD (for Cruise To MustangFest™ participants and their passengers). Expect the lunch stop to include a FREE GRILLED BURGER LUNCH with soft drinks and bottled water, with about one hour for lunch & fueling. You can even shop Mustangs... while you’re there! The following cruise schedule is SUBJECT TO CHANGE, so use this info as a guideline until you receive your MustangFest 2014 Registrant Packet or updates by e-mail:


0800 - Arrivals into OKC metro area until 4pm — Oklahoma City/Mustang, Oklahoma
1600 - MEET ‘n’ GREET: Bob Moore Ford • 8948 S. I-35 Service Rd. • OKC, OK 73149
1630 - Dealer Hospitality at Bob Moore Ford • 8948 S. I-35 Service Rd. in OKC, OK
1700 - AWARD PRESENTATION: Bob Moore Ford (Jason Hutton & Matt Stinnett)
1800 - Depart BMF • Mini-Cruise to Norman (no-host sunset dinner at Chuy’s)*

THURSDAY: (Day 1):

0700 - Optional breakfast • No-host at Boomarang Diner • Please tip your servers
0740 - Driver safety briefing at Boomarang Diner (1400 N. Mustang Road Zip: 73064)
0750 - Start engines — Transponder goes ON — tracking may be available online (GPS)
0757 - Cross over Mustang Road to Wild Horse Park & Mustang Chamber by 7:59am
0800 - Depart Mustang, Oklahoma
0839 - Norman, Oklahoma
0916 - Pauls Valley, Oklahoma
0952 - Ardmore, Oklahoma
1031 - Gainesville, Texas
1058 - Denton, Texas
1118 - Texas Motor Speedway (Exit 70)
1130 - Fort Worth, Texas (I-20)
1219 - Hillsboro, Texas
1238 - West, Texas (MEDIA/LUNCH STOP: Sykora Family Ford)
1338 - Depart West, Texas — Thanks for lunch, Sykoras! (1:38p)
1359 - Waco, Texas (1:59p)
1426 - Temple, Texas (2:26p)
1658 - San Antonio, Texas (4:58p) La Quinta (I-35@Toepperwein)
1830 - Jordan Ford: Mustang media stopover, greeting by store staff
1900 - Festivities start for the night - LOCATION: Cowboys Dancehall (Badge required for free entry)
1930 - All participants welcomed in (Show your event badge for free entry)

FRIDAY: (Day 2):

1200 - Depart San Antonio (Driver meeting at Cowboys Dance Hall @ 11:30a)
1314 - Safety Rest Stop: Mile Marker 83 (bathroom break, car count) (1:14p)
1438 - Arrive Corpus Christi (Exit 4A) on South Padre Island Drive (2:38p)
1543 - Arrive into downtown Corpus Christi (3:24p)
1548 - Arrive at Radisson Hotel - CHECK-IN (3:48p) • Front desk: 361-883-9700
1549 - Reset watches to Island Time (3:49p)
1730 - Optional “Early Loading” for limited number of vehicles (first 3 rows & next to jets)


0500 - Flight Deck loading begins (Day-Of-Show registrants line up, pay & sign release)
0530 - 0800 • Breakfast Specials on the Mess Deck (Eggs, Breakfast Tacos & more!)
0800 - Vendors must be in position by 8am and fully setup by 9am
0900 - Public starts coming aboard (general admission or a show wristband required)
1100 - Vehicles in position by 9am - gates open to registrants before show starts
1154 - Playing of: “Wake Me Up... When September Ends”
1159 - Playing of: “Star Spangled Banner” to open the USS LEXINGTON show!
1200 - Show starts at HIGH NOON — Public & media are invited in (general admission)
1600 - Vendors begin breakdown (4:00p)
1700 - Flight Deck Show ends for the day (5:00p)
1830 - Happy Hour aboard USS Lexington (air-conditioned, catered cash bar
1900 - Dinner served by Texas Roadhouse®
1900 - LIVE Dinner Show at 7:38pm (optional, reservations required)


0900 - Public starts coming aboard (general admission or a show wristband required)
1200 - MustangFest 2012 officially ends at HIGH NOON
1300 - Benefit Auction starts (1:00p)
1530 - ALL HANDS ON DECK — Begin preparing vehicles for off-loading
1600 - Playing of “Good Riddance” by Green Day
1700 - Flight Deck Show ends - general public must be off the aircraft carrier (5:00p)
1701 - Offloading begins when the last civilian is off the aircraft carrier

VIEW THE ROUTE MAP: CLICK HERE (or copy/paste this: entire URL - all the way to the end... with z=11) at:,+Mustang,+OK+73064-7217+(Mustang+Chamber+of+Commerce)&daddr=35.4231888,-97.619705+to:30.0982292,-97.7720259+to:30.0267099,-97.8511049+to:Radisson+Hotel+Corpus+Christi+Beach,+3200+E+Surfside+Blvd,+Corpus+Christi,+TX&hl=en&ll=32.175612,-96.503906&spn=9.589831,16.864014&sll=35.395767,-97.404785&sspn=0.577643,1.054001&geocode=FZEzHAIdHNAs-iGe8GJy-HZHRCnZQ0Y63wuyhzEiq1q6L09NDw%3BFdSDHAIdB3Eu-ikjbOJOBQ6yhzEgA4AZhC1gKw%3BFTVDywEdBx4s-ik_dNYRRK1EhjEoVrc_lMV9XQ%3BFdUrygEdIOkq-il_Ucka81NbhjGrn-vcKUzc9A%3BFW96qAEd8vMx-iFkIn57NobuIinjZkaJgV5ohjFkIn57NobuIg&oq=radisson&t=h&mra=dpe&mrsp=1&sz=11&via=1,2,3&z=7

This route takes you to the Radisson Hotel on Corpus Christi’s North Beach. Arrival shows one of the easiest North Beach arrival routes for LOWERED Mustangs. Other routes may encounter dips with gutters and/or speed bumps.,+Mustang,+OK+73064-7217+(Mustang+Chamber+of+Commerce)&daddr=35.4231888,-97.619705+to:30.0982292,-97.7720259+to:30.0267099,-97.8511049+to:Radisson+Hotel+Corpus+Christi+Beach,+3200+E+Surfside+Blvd,+Corpus+Christi,+TX&hl=en&ll=32.175612,-96.503906&spn=9.589831,16.864014&sll=35.395767,-97.404785&sspn=0.577643,1.054001&geocode=FZEzHAIdHNAs-iGe8GJy-HZHRCnZQ0Y63wuyhzEiq1q6L09NDw%3BFdSDHAIdB3Eu-ikjbOJOBQ6yhzEgA4AZhC1gKw%3BFTVDywEdBx4s-ik_dNYRRK1EhjEoVrc_lMV9XQ%3BFdUrygEdIOkq-il_Ucka81NbhjGrn-vcKUzc9A%3BFW96qAEd8vMx-iFkIn57NobuIinjZkaJgV5ohjFkIn57NobuIg&oq=radisson&t=h&mra=dpe&mrsp=1&sz=11&via=1,2,3&z=7,+Mustang,+OK+73064-7217+(Mustang+Chamber+of+Commerce)&daddr=35.4231888,-97.619705+to:30.0982292,-97.7720259+to:30.0267099,-97.8511049+to:Radisson+Hotel+Corpus+Christi+Beach,+3200+E+Surfside+Blvd,+Corpus+Christi,+TX&hl=en&ll=32.175612,-96.503906&spn=9.589831,16.864014&sll=35.395767,-97.404785&sspn=0.577643,1.054001&geocode=FZEzHAIdHNAs-iGe8GJy-HZHRCnZQ0Y63wuyhzEiq1q6L09NDw%3BFdSDHAIdB3Eu-ikjbOJOBQ6yhzEgA4AZhC1gKw%3BFTVDywEdBx4s-ik_dNYRRK1EhjEoVrc_lMV9XQ%3BFdUrygEdIOkq-il_Ucka81NbhjGrn-vcKUzc9A%3BFW96qAEd8vMx-iFkIn57NobuIinjZkaJgV5ohjFkIn57NobuIg&oq=radisson&t=h&mra=dpe&mrsp=1&sz=11&via=1,2,3&z=7,+Mustang,+OK+73064-7217+(Mustang+Chamber+of+Commerce)&daddr=35.4231888,-97.619705+to:30.0982292,-97.7720259+to:30.0267099,-97.8511049+to:Radisson+Hotel+Corpus+Christi+Beach,+3200+E+Surfside+Blvd,+Corpus+Christi,+TX&hl=en&ll=32.175612,-96.503906&spn=9.589831,16.864014&sll=35.395767,-97.404785&sspn=0.577643,1.054001&geocode=FZEzHAIdHNAs-iGe8GJy-HZHRCnZQ0Y63wuyhzEiq1q6L09NDw%3BFdSDHAIdB3Eu-ikjbOJOBQ6yhzEgA4AZhC1gKw%3BFTVDywEdBx4s-ik_dNYRRK1EhjEoVrc_lMV9XQ%3BFdUrygEdIOkq-il_Ucka81NbhjGrn-vcKUzc9A%3BFW96qAEd8vMx-iFkIn57NobuIinjZkaJgV5ohjFkIn57NobuIg&oq=radisson&t=h&mra=dpe&mrsp=1&sz=11&via=1,2,3&z=7,+Mustang,+OK+73064-7217+(Mustang+Chamber+of+Commerce)&daddr=35.4231888,-97.619705+to:30.0982292,-97.7720259+to:30.0267099,-97.8511049+to:Radisson+Hotel+Corpus+Christi+Beach,+3200+E+Surfside+Blvd,+Corpus+Christi,+TX&hl=en&ll=32.175612,-96.503906&spn=9.589831,16.864014&sll=35.395767,-97.404785&sspn=0.577643,1.054001&geocode=FZEzHAIdHNAs-iGe8GJy-HZHRCnZQ0Y63wuyhzEiq1q6L09NDw%3BFdSDHAIdB3Eu-ikjbOJOBQ6yhzEgA4AZhC1gKw%3BFTVDywEdBx4s-ik_dNYRRK1EhjEoVrc_lMV9XQ%3BFdUrygEdIOkq-il_Ucka81NbhjGrn-vcKUzc9A%3BFW96qAEd8vMx-iFkIn57NobuIinjZkaJgV5ohjFkIn57NobuIg&oq=radisson&t=h&mra=dpe&mrsp=1&sz=11&via=1,2,3&z=7shapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1shapeimage_2_link_2shapeimage_2_link_3